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Well...I'm selling my Milano that was hit. I decided I want to concentrate on my Berlina.

I'll give a brief overview:


Car is blue, paint is nice. Lowered, cone air filter, aftermarket exhaust (not sure what kind but sounds grrreat), momo montecarlo steering wheel, interior in good condition. New windshield glass.

I have extensive work records for it. I am the 3rd owner. Engine is sweet, runs strong/great. Suspension is nice and tight...corners like a monkey hopped up on crank.


Car was hit but no frame damage. Left front wheel has been wacked out of camber, same wheel well mashed up (see Milano Mash Up post), there is a crease that runs from the left rear passenger door up to the driver door to the L front wheel well. There is a slight dent in the left rear wheel well.


This would be a great car if you have a donor Milano you can take parts off of. The damage is really not that bad and it can be fairly easily rebuilt. I just don't have the facilities or time to do it myself.

This Milano served me very very well and is in great shape. Someone out there can get it on the road again (you can actually drive it as is but not more then 10 mph).

Contact me if you are interested and I can go into more detail and take photos for you: [email protected]

Car and myself are located in Seattle.
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