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I'm still in clean out mode and I've got plenty of parts I'd like to get rid of. Here's a quick run down.

Inside rear view mirror $10
ARC panel $20
ARC panel for automatic $10
Drivers headlight with frame $30
Center console with seat switches and mirror switch $20 (no pad or cig lighter)
Dual combo relay $10
Spark box $15
Passenger corner light $15
Rear speaker mounts $5
Engine tail housing $10
Fuse panel $5
Original AM/FM cassette instruction manual $10
Taillight circuit boards $5 (for both)
Passenger rear gator $10
2- electric antenna (no idea of condition and do not have the fender mount)
Interior lights $2 each
Rear bumper mount covers $5
Amber side markers $15 each
Red side markers $15 each
ABS master cylinders $40 each (have 2)
Plenty of blocks, crankshafts, pistons, liners, etc.

Prices do not include shipping. I'll only charge what USPS charges for shipping.

More to come. Please PM me with questions or requests.


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Can you rearrange your list into two lists to show which of those are GTV6 bits and which are Milano?

I might be looking for a flywheel for a 3.0 Verde, if you have one. I have a friend who'd like a crank for a 3.0 Milano too.

Any other parts I might need would be for a GTV6. So if your interior rear view mirror, tail light mother boards, center console, interior lights, bumper aprons, and maybe a couple of other bits, are for GTV6s... I'm certainly interested.

Peter in VT
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