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Milano ABS parts

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I have sold one of my Verdes and the other one will be gone soon, so I no longer need my stash of ABS parts:

1 computer, tested good two weeks ago
1 complete master cylinder assembly with reservoir and electrovalves - believed to be good.
1 pump and accumulator. Pump works accumumlator is weak.
1 pump pressure switch - works OK.
4 wheel sensors. All have read correct resistance. Outer insulation has crumbled and is taped up on 3 of them.

How about $100 for the lot including shipping to the mainland USA.
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wanna do a partial trade for the ZAT perhaps? It's a shame I didn't realize you didn't want to get rid of all these bits, or I would have bought them off you.
Sure. And send me your address so that I can mail the lug nuts.
Anything else that you might want?
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