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Milano 2.5 turbo?

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I have a pair of turbos with no home and am wondering if anyone has done a twin turbo setup on a 2.5? If so what kind of HP and TQ am I looking at?
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there is heaps out the just have a look
Yeah Ive been looking around. Just didnt know if any of you guys had done one.
Many here have done it. However your question is kind of vague. What kind of hp+tq? How much do you want to spend? The bottom line is, it can make about as much as the car can handle. Everything between the engine and the axles will fail at about 350rwhp so that's your upper limit unless you are willing to change the whole car around (i.e. install a front mounted gearbox).

Ive looked at a couple kits that are advertising 200hp on stock FI. I wouldnt mind going to a Megasquirt engine management, but dont really want to change the overall setup of the drivetrain. I would be happy in the 250-285 hp range. I have looked at the Twin turbo setup as well as a single turbo setup. I have a turbod Volvo at 23psi and have had a 300zxTT running 24psi. I dont want to go to crazy cause you start having other problems like you mentioned. I would just like more then adequate power from my Milano. I will be freshening the motor first as it has sat some time. Are there any upgrades I should do to my stock 2.5 while its torn down that wont take all my $$?
I don't know of any turbo kits made for these cars, but 200hp on L-Jet isn't a problem, you will have to make some minor modifications, but nothing drastic. I have seen 200rwhp with L-Jet on a forced induction 2.5.

Upgrades to the motor while it's apart are a good idea, but not required. I like to use forged pistons. For one thing they can be non-interference, and considering how crappy our timing belt tensioners are, that's good insurance. Obviously forgies are stronger too. That's about all I usually do, sometimes I use better rods.

There is a company selling t3/t4 hybrid turbo kits for the Milano on ebay. Forged pistons are a good idea. How is the quality of the stock rods? What FI mods are required along with what, about 15psi to get 200rwhp?
does anyone have experience with the t3/t4. turbo kit sold on ebay? im thinking of purchasing one myself for my 2.5
if there the ones ive seen, there just a universal kit, nothing special for our alfa v6's. and honestly i shouldnt call them a kit, they are just a bunch of poor quality parts.
I have a pair of T-28 Garrets sitting on the shelf good to 24psi. Thought they may come in handy sometime, and this may be the time. That kit did look kinda cheap. I can fab most anything I need. I just need information on what kind of setup I should look at for the hp i want to make. 250 hp at the crank should give me around 200 rwhp. I have a chassis dyno and all so we can see what the real final results are.
I have seen those turbo kits on ebay sold for a Milano. Nothing about those kits is Milano specific. They are just a bunch of generic parts and the seller has an add for the same collection of parts for nearly every type of car.

Will: only about 10 psi is required to get 200rwhp, less if you have other mods. For this amount of power you will need bigger fuel injectors, some sort of way to adjust injector duration, and various check valves to prevent boost from going where it isn't wanted.

Here is a GTV6 with L-Jet at 10psi vs a Cobalt SS S.C. (the Cobalt is 0-60 in 6.1 according to the magazines). It's an old video.

I'll never ever get tired of watching that Gtv6 kick the Cobalt's ***!! awesome awesome vid!
Yup, I wish I made more videos with that car, but that was before cell phones had video cameras so it required planning to take the video camera. Anyway, that same car could beat a RX8, WRX, and 350Z in any acceleration contest. A few times people followed me to ask, "what the heck is that thing". It's fun to out drag the newer cars in an old Alfa.

Awesome video! I have been known for building sleeper older rides, and I love the suprise of some guy in his mustang or whatever getting beat by something totally unexpected. my BMW is super fun since it makes around 165hp. I just want the only Milano around the area to be a suprise to anyone else. :) What injectors should I go to? Is there a company that coule remap the Bosch ECU to allow for longer injector duration?
You can't remap the ECU, well at least not realistically. You can intercept the signal out of the temp sensor when under boost and change the mixture quite a bit, plus you can play with the spring tension in the AFM. These two things combined with Stage 2 injectors are what I had on that GTV6.

I wrote instructions on how to make a "black box" to intercept that signal somewhere on this forum, plus it's in my book on supercharging. I have more info and pictures on my site Silicone Hose Kits

Thats simple enough.
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