I recently purchased these wheels from a fellow AlfaBB member. Original sale thread.

Unfortunately, they are not as originally listed: "Hello I have x sale a set (4) of melber wheels , width 6'', they will fit gt gtv Montreal and spider.
4x108 PCD." As such they do not fit my 74' GTV. A return / refund is not being accepted. The post-purchase recommendation that Melber wheels need adapters was not helpful on so many levels.

I am now selling these wheels. They are located in Toronto, Canada. I do not know which Alfa models they might fit (or other brands for that matter). Original cost was 1000 euro plus shipping (yes, I really wanted Melbers). Please make an offer (local currency accepted).

If these in fact are not Alfa relevant could a moderator please move the thread accordingly? Thanks.

The correct specs for these wheels are:
14x6 ET10
4x130 PCD

This is one of the wheels. I can take pictures of the others for those interested but their overall condition is similar.

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