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Megasquirt V3 fully assembled unit

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I have a Megasquirt V3 fully assembled unit.
MegaSquirt II Version 3.0 fully professionally assembled with the Bowling & Grippo board. Fully documented assembly manual and plain brushed aluminum case.
Very nicely assembled clean and neat with proper assembly and methods and tools. Each step in the manual is documented with all information and test readings.
Bought this and had it assembled by a technician with 30 years of kit building and electronic design Was a Heath technician and repair specialist for 25 years so he knew what he was doing and it shows.
Was intended for Alfa project but have taken a different direction.
Never installed and in pristine condition. I apologize if the pictures are a bit out of focus.
Asking $275 here and it is on EB]ay also


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What kind of project were you working on?
Does it fuel and ignition?
Can it do boost enrichment?
It was going to be for a supercharged 24 Valve, but I have decided to go in another direction to get about 325 HP under the hood of the GTV6
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