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Mclaren mP4 22 paint

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Hi all, a bit off topic this query. But here goes anyway. I am looking for information on the metallic silver paint currently being used on the Mp4 22 car. ie any one know what the paint is? the technology? 2pac? celluslose, water based? is it laquered? etc or what its called?. I am looking to paint some stuff with the same effect. I thaught about contacting mclaren, but they will probably think Im a scuderia Spy!! :p
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To the best of my knowledge it is an ALSA product called Mirrachrome. It actually is an Italian product that ALSA has the rights too. It is highly reflective and is actually an alcohol based product that is almost pure metal with extremely small particle size. It is painted in very light coats over a black base coat that has been clear coated and buffed very very smooth and shiny. It is then clear coated again and is in the high 90's in reflectivity.

I have used it on some projects and when done right can be extraordinary. It can be clear coated and candied for some great effects. It takes some touch to apply and is very finicky so be careful as it is very expensive. It is head and shoulders above the House of Kolor and the other chrome paints.

It takes time between coats and if you look at the DVD that they made the painter has some very good application tips. If you want a copy they sell for about $35 from ALSA or they are on eBay for about $10.
Alsa Corp | The World's Most Exotic Paints and Finishes for more information

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