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Ive seen the white Giulia sprint before on this page, but found that Matchbox actually has 3 different versions (that I've found so far).

Here is a picture of them. From left to right #4 and #32 are almost identical with a silver interior , and the only difference, I can find is there is a cloverleaf on the rear of #4 and a green triangle on #32. The higher quality model #01 in their " Best of International" series is on the far right. This one has a black interior, the tires have tread, and there is a tiny cloverleaf on the front fender. Has anyone seen any others, or has anyone seen any other colors?
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I've been watching the local stores for red ones, which I've seen on eBay. I didn't realize there were differences in the white ones; I just thought it was different packaging. The one I have is no. 32. Some of the ones on eBay claim to have "pearl" finished paint. I wonder just how many variations there really are. There is also a Superfast Matchbox marked no. 18, I think in both red and white.
Red ones were released first, very short run, Maroon was only available in
5 pack, White one are very common, also a Maroon was available at a toy
convention with special markings.

Thanks for the info. At lunch Im going to check out the K-Mart. Having the numbers helps when your wading through the stacks. I'll let you know what I find.
Oh no... I want the Best of International one!!
I have a few of the red one and the white one, but sounds like the BOI is the best one to have.
Frank and Son, here I come. :D


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Where are you guys finding these matchboxes? Stores or online?

I just might be able to return to Alfa Ownership if I can locate some. :)
Where to find

I am finding the regular matchbox alfa GTA's ( Nos. 4 and 32) at Walmart and Target. The "Best of International" Alfa GTA #1 I found at K B Toys. All of the ones I have found are white, and I found them in California and Ohio( business trip). Let me know if you find others.
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There are still KB Toy Stores? Everything in my area went out long ago. I have no clue where my nearest K-Mart is either, those have pretty much closed and disappeared. I do have Target and Walmart.

I had to go to CVS this evening and I happened to stop and look at the Matchbox offerings, more out of re-living memories than anything else. The five packs were standard domestics, Aston Martin, Jags, etc. along with individual packaged muscle cars.

Some years ago, micro mini machines put out a five pack of sports cars, which included Alfa. Right off hand, I don't know exactly where they've been moved to, but they were especially made to be used with our son's micro machine car carrier, they may very well be packed with that so I can tell you is that there was a Giulietta included in that group and I think it was light blue.

I would think Burago's and other assorted sized Alfa models are still widely available, although, I haven't purchased any in some time.
KB Toys

The KB-Toys are all going out of business, but this is good news for us. I got a couple more " Best of International" Alfa GTA's ( #1) at half price.
The KB-Toys are all going out of business, but this is good news for us. I got a couple more " Best of International" Alfa GTA's ( #1) at half price.
I looked at Target last evening. Nothing Alfa related, although, I did see for the first time a Matchbox car carrier with one selected car.

Has anyone tried Toys R Us? Many times they have "old" stock and unexpected "gem" items. I know I bought quite a few Burago's at 1/2 price when a Toy Store went out of business near me, it was Toy City. I also picked up some more Burago models when the KB went out, but that was more than 6 years ago, Pat was still alive.
I have 2 red ones and I may part with one of them if anyone is interested. I also may have a micromachine stashed away. I am just running out of room to display all of them.


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I know this is an old thread but I have a white one with silver interior(chrome?) and it has a silver triangle with a clover in it on the back. The packaging looks like the one in the middle of the first pic in this thread but it is labeled Lexus GS430, and the package number is 23 instead of 32. it is from the 2007 lineup. I got it at a wal-mart on 12/27/08. I still have the receipt.

Thats intgeresting , I will have to check the lexus ones now. Have you seen any other colors where you are? I wonder if ther is any value to a mis-labled one.
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