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Hey Everyone--

I'm trying to do a master brake cylinder change and I'm running into a bit of a problem. (1991 Alfa 164L w/ABS)

I'm trying to follow Alfa Steve's directions, but "braking" the seal on the master cylinder seems to be a problem. Is it this hard?

I removed both 13mm nuts and star washers.
Removed both my 11mm brake lines-- that go to ABS unit.

I pull and pull on the master cylinder and its not moving...
Is it possible the previous owner (Mike the mechanic moron) used some adhesive to hold the master cylinder to the booster?

Or is there something I'm missing?


1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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Possible vacuum in booster, try pushing brake pedal slowly to kill vacuum. Also first wrap rack over ports with rag so fluid doesn't spray all over.

Once off be sure rubber sealing ring is transfered over to new MC or if it has one don't use two of them. Maybe somebody did use sealant on it?

Since ABS, don't forget to remove two threaded plugs in two blocked ports of old MC and transfer over to new one in correct ports.
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