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Flipping through Netflix offerings I stumbled across an old Sophia Lauren movie, Marriage Italian Style...shot in, of all places, Italy.

In the opening scenes, she pulls into a town square (piazza) in her ? And all around her are a bunch of cars, which I will admit look a lot like what I've seen on this forum.

I'm a Spider guy and wouldn't know a 164 from a $2.99 but I thought of all of my Alfanistas and how much of a kick they would get hitting the pause button to identify all these cars. Filmed in 1964 I think, I was mesmerized mostly by....Sophia Lauren. That woman had, as the kids say today, "junk in all the right places"....when women looked liked women....not stick figures with bolt ons...

Oh yea..and the cars were pretty cool too..

Have fun guys!
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