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I have two vintage S73A.
I would like to renovate both of them and test them.

1. Does anybody have maintanance manual, data sheets, ....
2. Does anybody have catalogue of vintage Marelli distributors? The two of mine has slightly different design. I guess there were more versions of this model in the past.
3. Does anybody know where in central europe is tool (machine) aviable for measuring of the marelli distributors or any other way how to control that it is correctly set up.
4. Does anybody have knowlidge if those photos here are S73A. One has label with correct logo and type. The other one is completely empty. I saw the same design with code S73A and also B.

Thank you Mirek


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Hi Mirek,

I don't know of any specialist but seing the difference in the foot, I would think that the one on the left (on the last pictures) is more a Fiat type distributor, probably a Marelli S 69 ...
The other one has a wrong greasing device.
Fwiw, in the Giulietta catalog you find a kind of exploded view.
The hammer of the S 73a contact point set would have a doubled spring.

Just some thoughts,

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