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Dear all,
years ago my Marelli S132A distributor was converted to an electronic ignition, but unfortunatelly with 2 ugly external electronic boxes. It was working well, had only 1 pick up serving both coils.
Over the winter I wanted to change tis to a petronix ingnitor without any additional stuff outside the distributor. As for the GTA there is no kit available, my intention was to use the kit from the Montreal (MR185) or the Ferrari 308 (MR183) and adapt the position of the 2. pick up to get the original inteded difference of 1 degree.
Unfortunatelly pertronix is a bit secretive when asking for the size of the magnet to check if it fits over the four lobe point cam.

Therefore my question - has by any chance sombody lying around a dismantled Marelli 132 distributor and could measure the diameter of the the four lobe point cam (so I do not have to dismantle my working solution before having an alternative). Or even better - did anybody already do the rebuild and which kit did you use?
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