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While freshening up for this racing season, I found the rotor on my Marelli Plex had lost its tip, although the car was still running fine (those high voltage sparks do jump big gaps). When installing a new cap & rotor, however, I found that the rotor was hitting the posts in the cap, which is probably why the old one sheared off. Fortunately, I was doing this on the bench and just turning the shaft by hand, had I done this in the car I suspect I would have again sheared it off. A little work on the rotor tip with a file, and all was well. Make sure you protect from getting brass shavings into the distributor body. Not sure how I'd check this in the car (as opposed to on the bench), but thought I'd let y'all know of a potential aftermarket fitment problem. The new brown one on the left came in a Bosch box.
BTW, anyone still have a source for the original brass contact distributor caps, all my regular sources only have them in aluminum.


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