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I will be installing a 123ignition distributor on my Spider this weekend. It is the one that is sold in the US by IAP. It will replace my Shankle Sport Marelliplex.

The new distributor works with coils of at least 1 ohm resistance. That rules out the new spare that I have for my Milano and the one that is part of the 'plex. I will choose between a pair of used Marelli coils and I would like information on them.
The first is a BZR202B 12V 8L. The primary resistance is about 1.5 ohms.
The second is a BZR200D 12V 3F. It has a primary resistance of 3.5 ohms.
I have checked them out on the bench with the 123ignition distributor and they both make good sparks. I opened up the spark plug gap to .060" and they both make decent looking sparks. There is not much to choose between them visually. BZR202B may look a little stronger. It is likely that either one will work but I would like to install the better one.

Any suggestions?

Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
2 x 88 Verde's
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