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Sorry to interject a Giulietta curiosity question here, but the horns in question start with the 1900 era.

I am trying to understand why the illustration in the Giulietta Spare Parts Catalogs show Marelli (and Klaxton) horns with the mounting holes at the bottom: when in fact as mounted on a Giulietta Sprint the mounting holes are at the top, horn hanging below mounting holes. I suspicion is that Alfa just copied over the 1900 Spare Parts Catalog illustration without thinking Giulietta mounted horns differently.

When these same horns (according to part numbers, see below) were used on 1900, were they actually mounted with the horn sitting above the mounting holes, so the illustration is correct for 1900s?.

T18 1356.76042
T110 1356.76054
T201A 1356.76042 (same as T18)
T202A (low) 1358.76003
T202B (high) 1358.76004
T217A (low) As above
T217B (high) As above
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