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Marelli distributor. Exploded view wanted

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I have a Magneti Marelli distributor dismantled (totally) and I have some problems to know which is the correct position for all the washers :mad:. The distributor is a S 145 CX, identical to the 103 B.

Is there anybody who has an exploded view?

Also, which type of grease is used in the distributor?

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I don't think I have a parts breakdown of the S 145 CX but I do have one of the Marelli S 103 B. If no one posts a pic before I get home from work, I'll post it then.
thank you. I belive that is the same with different advance curve.
The Marelli S103B from the US version parts book. If you need the parts descriptions, please let me know and I'll post them as well.


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Thank you for the picture. There are more differences than I believed.

I'm trying to replace the breaker point ignition system on my Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1600 ('81), equipped whit a Magneti Marelli Distributor (vaacum advance) version S168BX, whit an "Ignitor I" electronic module.

Unfortunally, I'm not able to find the correct spare part on the catalog on pertronix site
, but only the precedent version of Marelli (S166B, S145...).

What version of Ignitor Module is compatible whit my S168BX Distributor?

I've no idea about the difference between Marelli S168BX and the other Marelli Distributors versions, but i hope in a solution...

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Unfortunally, I'm not able to find the correct spare part on the catalog on pertronix site
You might also try They sell a breakerless trigger very like the Pertronix for about half the price. I'd suggest that you take a photo of your distributor showing how the points are mounted and send it to them.
They may be able to match your distributor with one of their triggers.
hot spark don´t have a system for magneti marelli distributors, only for Bosch.
Lumenition optronic ignition is also an alternative, but the S168 isn't listed. Might be worth a try though?
Tomorrow I will post the photos of Marelli S168BX.
I'm looking for a structural comparison between mine dizzy and S166B version... if someone has photos of S166B post here PLIZ :)

Well these probably aren't exactly what you seek, but they were readily available. The distributor is very handy at the moment (still on the workbench) so if there is some angle/detail you wish, say the word.


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My question is:

if Marelli S166B mount the same type of breackpoint of S168BX, it means that could mount also the same type of ignitor... Pertronix MR-LS1 seems to be compatible, right?
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