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marchal headlamps question

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i found a pair of these labeled 662/762 in the garage...wonder if anyone could
"enlighten" me to which alfa these were used on

they look like the have a mounting bar on the bottom of them, so i assume the are mounted on top of the bumper....
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here's some pics,,,

they say "marchal "fantasic" on top

662 762 on lense

on side has an amber bulb..the other no bulb


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one more picture


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WoW! those are fantastic! I've seen some like those on a late 50's Ferrari, but not on an Alfa, though as bumper, or inside the grill mounted, no reason why not.
(Nice floor! Looks like mine!)
Gordon Raymond
thanks usual you helped me out..

think they were in a box with very old alfa parts...

dang..i'm finding all sorts of good stuff in the garage

that's the good part of the ought to see the part under the kitchen table....
Here's the same idea from '65 using Lucas lights. Gordon Raymond


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gordon..looks like they were on some old alfa's, but as you say, used mainly for ferarri
250gt, seb, cal spiders and comp. cars...thanks for the pic and the response
They are too early to be appropraite for a giulietta. They would work on a 6c2500 or 1900. I value them at around $400 for the pair....
thanks stu and gordon...guess i'll bring them to the best of italy and france car show....rick
I found some very similar Marchal 660 spotlights today. Several good used (all needing rechroming) at about £100/pair, and a brand new one for the same price. I'm told there are more where those came from. Good deal? :confused:


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