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Map Pockets flopping about

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I'm sure I'm not alone in this one - my door map pockets are hanging out, resting on the seats. What is the fix for this? There must have been some type of spring or clip to retain these into the door. I can't seem to find any parts in the common catalogs. What does it take to fix this, and where can one acquire the parts? Velcro is an option, but that's chintzy. Thanks!
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Yes it is a spring it should be an easy fix once one finds a similiar spring. I have one door panel with the spring still working in the garage some were. I will see if I can find it and take a picture of the backside. Your car is a 79 or later right, just so we are on the same page?
I don't remember my '81 Spider having springs that held the map pockets in. I did have little rubber covered metal tabs that prevented the inside of the pocket from coming through the door panel.
Yes, mine is a '79. The pockets are plastic open topped "boxes" that sort of flop out of a large hole in the door panel.
The top panel has the spring the bottom a make shift tab. After looking at the panels agin I can't tell which is the mod and the original, the spring or the tab. I always thought it was the spring because it held the pocket up and in place so well, and the other always flapped around and bugged me. If it was a mod it was a good one. The one with the tab always looked like some kind of cheap repiar, which it maybe of the original. I did not get the car new it was like this when I bought it about 10 years ago.
I checked my 84 parts car (Spider Veloce) and it has plastic tabs above the pocket that hang down inside of the pocket and keep it from flopping out. I have pulled it out of the pocket in the picture for your reference if you want to fabricate one. I noticed that one door had it intact and the other door the tab had broken off. Here is a picture.

John M


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Wow John my 79 spiders panels look alot different than that. Do yours have any holes on the top front inside of the box. Mine don't have any marks where the tabs yours has should be. It looks like nothing was ever there. Could prodution of changed in the five years? Or have mine been messed with that much? I really thought the spring was original, It work so well and seemed to thought out to be someones makeshift repair job.
I wouldn't be surprised that the production did change. My 78 door panels are the old style with the three pieces of chrome. I actually thought the 79 had the same as mine but they must have made that change then. So with 79 being the first year of those door panels, I bet they changed it later on due to durability of the board backing. On the 84, the map pocket does not have any holes or marks for the tab to connect to. It just presses against the back side of the pocket to keep it from falling out of the door or in too far. Anyway, we all know how Alfa is with changing stuff mid stream. Makes it interesting.

John M
Thanks folks for all the help. I think I'll try the long spring idea first and see what happens.
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