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MANY PARTS: 105 Series mostly

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They came off a 1964 Giulia with the single headlamp model - 105searies. These parts might fit on other models as well however not exactly sure.

My e-mail is [email protected]

Send in the part you are interested in and your respective price. Thanks

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I don't have the frotn and rear windscreens anymore.

I also have a spare giulia wheel
Rood handles
Side smal quarter windows with chrome
Front lights and one base
handbrake handle (complete with cord)
Rear Seats

i'm interested in the windshield, door handles, radiator and the piece that goes around the rear shelf. whereabouts are you?
i'll send you an email.
WTB Steering wheel and mats

Hello Jipstar, any chance you have a steering wheel and center cap?
How about rubber mats?
If so, would you mind posting pictures or sending to me at email [email protected].
Nope, the steering wheel has been sold and the car never had the mats!
Hi Jipstar,

Do you have a ZF steering box and shaft available?
I need an early 105 steel wheel with the hubcap clips.
Do you have one?
I also need the washer bag hanging clips.

It seems that the washer bag hanging clips are now being reproduced. Go to the OK Parts website in Germany and you'll find them there.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts