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Here in Japan we have a company called Orque, which is a very good company yet I would like to just ask around and find some other companies who make manifolds for the Ausy 6pot made for the later 159 and Brera's.

Cost is approximately: ¥367,500 which is roughly $4,536.51 Ausy

I am neither an engineer nor a mechanic and it has been alond time since I have worked on an engine or refined prices and specs but, this seems a tad expensive to me? Or am I just off base on this and this is a good price?

Any thoughts about this product and, could anybody recommend someone in Australia who builds premium performane manifolds.

I have been to the company in Tokyo and the owner of the business was a pro race driver and still races occassionally although now he has his own team as well as being an Alfa enthusiast with a great personality. He feels and comes accross as very sincere and trustworthy so I am not worrieed about being taken down the deep end, although I would like some advice about this before I fork out some serious cash.

Thanks in advance.

Here is what I am thinking about:


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