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man it's getting cold here in california

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..i had to close my vent window :rolleyes::eek:;):D
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Yes, it has already reached freezing temps here as well. So much for Nobel winner Al Gore and his "Global Warming" propaganda!
It's already down into the mid/low 70s evenings here in Houston. Sweater weather!

Well, it MAY be getting cold [rain/snow predicted for tomorrow] up in the north country
of Michigan...but I'm still wearing shorts; coupled with a sweatshirt and jacket.
We just say it's 'breusk weather'. I'll probably have to wear long pants in Northern
Cal. when I'm there in 3 weeks....where is the justice?..........Ed K.
It's gonna be 89 here today.
It's snowing (albeit light and intermittent) it 'shorts away'?...and I thought I
might take the Alfa out for a spin [top down of course]...Ed K
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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