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I'm relatively new to the form and have noticed a fair number of posts where people have a hard time uploading pictures. The first ting you should always ensure is that the file size is at or under the size limit.

If you have a picture that exceeds the limit you can do the following:
1. go to IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide and download and install the free software.
2. Start the downloaded application, in this case it would be 'i_view32.exe'.
3. From the menu open the picture via menu 'File'-'Open'.
4. From the menu resample the picture by selecting the following:
4a. From menu select 'Image' - 'Resize/Resample..'.
4b. From the new 'Resize/Resample image' window select the '1024x768' radio button followed by pressing the 'OK' button.
5. From the menu select 'File' - 'Save as...' and save the picture as a new filename. Using 'Save as..' keeps the original picture to the higher resolution.
6. Typically the new picture will meet the file upload limitation.
7. Now simply upload the picture.

Hope this helps, it certainly helped me.
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