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I purchased one from on Ebay for my Mazda 5 (not Miata).
It came precision cut for a perfect fit and included an exact measure length
of plastic "U-bead" to secure the edges of the bra to the leading edges of the hood so that it doesn't lift in the wind and is not easily removed (stolen) with the hood closed. It went on easily, when parked in the sun the magnet sheet softened and took the shape of the hood contours. It looks neutral on my car with its Carbon gray paint. They suggest removing it once in a while to clean any dirt or moisture that may have worked its way under the sheet.
NOW the bad news.....they do not list Alfa Romeo in their product line.
You will find their web site informative even if you are going the DIY route with bulk magnet sheets.

P.S. this is my first post after a couple years of sitting back and watching the
other Alfisti tell all. This BB rocks.

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