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lump out trans in

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I am going to tackle the engine bay now that I have a week or so until get there new carbs and cams put in so I figure this is as good a time as any to paint and weld up the engine bay, but not in that order.
I know this is not the best way to do it but I would like to know if there are some tricks to taking out the engine sans trans.. Some simple questions like do you have to drain the trans, what about the starter, do I need to do any thing special there, and any thing else some one would need to know before posting the next thread two weeks later reading " help! how do I get the engine back in there?" . BTW, Im not putting it back in myself, Im having the shop do it and thats the way they always take it out and put it in, end quote.
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forget it, I found the thread for this, sorry
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