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1979 Verde Alfa Romeo Spider 2000
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For whoever may find it handy, here's how I installed my luggage rack:

- Took about an hour. Using tape and a pen, i marked the holes (2.25” from bottom of boot, 3.25” from left & right of boot). I then used a 7mm drill bit to drill the 4 holes.

- Next, I put a neoprene washer under each 4 mounting spots of the rack (between the top of the boot and bottom of the rack), then a chrome washer on top of each mounting point topped with 1.5” (though you could easily get away with 1.25” or maybe 1” bolts so you don’t have to trim them after), 10/32 chrome bolts.

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For the bottom, I pressed neoprene washers against the underside of the boot on each of the 4 bolts. I then secured them with a stainless steel lock nut and tightened them off with a (3/8?) stainless steel nut on each end. Lastly, I tightened each of the 4 heads while securing the nuts, then went back and tightened the nuts whilst securing each head. (trimming the ends off next weekend when I get ahold of a friend's Dremel)

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And there ya go. Here are some after pics--

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