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lower oil pan 'gasket'? question

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just cleaned my driveway/parking spot at my house.. the drips are coming from my lower oil pan/bolts, just a few drips here and there.. do i need to order a lower pan gasket, and wait 5-7 shipping days and the shipping charge that will cost more than the gasket itself. suggestions...
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Toss a handfull of kitty litter under the car. Or park over a piece of cardboard.

Perhaps tightening the offending bolts?
the drips are coming from my lower oil pan/bolts, just a few drips here and there
Like Eric says, I would try tightening the bolts first.

Is the gasket above the bolts "wet"?

I had 2 bolts that were leaking, gasket was dry, and used this stuff.

5 coats (took 10 minutes including the wait time in between each coat), waited 1 hour to dry and no more oil leak from the bolts.

Dries clear.

Less than $10 and you can do it tomorrow with plenty left over.

I'm happy.

Permatex Spray Sealant

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Could it be coming from the front of the motor and blowing back ? Maybe a front pulley seal ?
Whats the torque on those baby's wouldn't want to snap on off
no. had the motor out last fall, new front and rear seals, and new ovs,
Seal it

Trust me on this: Hondabond HT Sealant Hi-Temp Liquid Gasket
Just did the whole engine. NOT A DROP!
Love it!
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