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lower control arm disassembley

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can someone please tell me how to get the friggin end caps off of the lower control arms. Ive been looking on the internet for 4+ hours. I dont want to tear anything up getting them apart. Also, am i correct in my understanding that the upper control arm bushing (the end attatched to the chassis) is the same bushing used in the lower control arm?
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I do not believe they are the same. Call Centerline or International Auto.

The end caps, IIRC, just tap into place like the grease caps on the front wheel bearing hubs.
International doesent list it, and Centerline shows it being the same part number for both. Mine is an 89', someone told me that they were not rebuildable. I kind of find this hard to believe since it is such a commonly replaced part. I figured they were like grease caps on hubs but there is no lip to pry with. I'll keep at it, and if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks, Brian
I use a pair of of slip-joint pliers (aka Channeloks, waterpump pliers) to remove the caps. First turn the cap like to unscrew it then turn and pull at the same time. Cap will come right off.
From the factory, the lower control arm bushing and the upper control arm inner bushing are not the same. The upper is a rubber bushing while the lower is not a bushing at all but rather a spherical bearing. A somewhat common upgrade is to replace the rubber upper bushing with a lower spherical bearing.
any idea where I might find one of these? The only place I could even find a reference to this piece was centerline. Mine may be ok I am not sure, not really sure how to check with it off of the car. Since I am replacing almost every piece of rubber and tie rod on the front end this week end, I would hate to put everything back together and find that the reason that I initiated this entire project (my wife calls the car the "wanderer") was left unrepaired. I kinda went over board renewing the front suspension, ground every cast piece smooth, primed and painted it. Replaced the springs with the red ones from IAP. Replaced the swaybar bushings, refinished the swaybar. I am curious to know if anyone knows how to get the upper control arm out with the engine in the car. My attempts so far have been fruitless. Slowly but surely trying to return this car to better than new driveability. Thanks, Brian
Cannot help you really but I hope you checked the trailing arms in the rear, in my case on my Spider it wandered when getting on and off the throttle and replacing the rear bushings cured that particular problem. I still get some wandering but my mechanic says I need an alignment.
The rear is next weekend. I am going to have to order some more parts from IAP. I have heard before that the rear trailing arm bushings are the best improvement for the buck. The car only has 40,000 miles on it but I guess the rubber has just deteriorated from age. One thing that I am not clear on is which ones to replace with rubber and which ones to switch to poly. I dont mind a little firmer ride but I don't want it to jar the car apart. My intention when I bought the car was to do a quick redo of the suspension and fix the fuel problems which were nothing more than old fuel and a rusty gas tank, and then sell it. The more I get in to this car, the more I am impressed at the simple yet racing inspired technology used in the car. I am big into the muscle car scene around here and got quite a few laughs when I bought the car. But as I've shown more and more people the design of the construction I've gotten a lot more interest than laughs. My plan now is to find a way to convince the wife to let me keep it, and learn. Name an american car from the late 80's that came w/ solid lifters and a forged crank. There ain't one.

Is it a bad idea to split the brake calipers? Wanna redo em but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and like to make sure every thing is spotless and correct upon reassembly. But I've heard this is a bad idea. opinions?:)
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Is it a bad idea to split the brake calipers? Wanna redo em but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and like to make sure every thing is spotless and correct upon reassembly. But I've heard this is a bad idea. opinions?:)
Generally it is advised to NOT split the calipers. Some have done so and been OK. There is an O-ring in there (I think) but I'm not sure about finding a replacement. I suspect you'd have to measure the old one to obtain a new one (if you split the calipers...).
I used a pair of vice grips to remove the caps, it was easy. Attached the vice grips then turn cap up/down and then tap the vice grip on each side with hammer until removed. I am doing the same thing on my car at the moment. here is a picture of the the upper and lower bushing side by side, it may help you, i have even cut the bottom bush in half. they are differently. if you have gone to all the trouble of pulling the front end apart, then i would replace them, imagen you had to pull it all apart just for 4 bushes. The last two pictures are of the upper and lower bush.

PS the large washer has two sides, the picture show the correct side face, the ID is chamfered.


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Question for Papajam
Do you have or recommend a torque setting for the nut that is under the grease cap? Your recommendation would be appreciated.



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Excellent photos there Rich! Very helpful.
Thanks so much for the photos, major help. I did finally get them apart, and I'm guessing without a press these would be rather difficult to get out, short of using a torch. Since I didn't have all the parts on hand I needed to complete the job I spent most of the day bead blasting and painting parts.

Still having a little difficulty getting the upper control arm out. I guess I could remove the intake manifold but I know there is an easier way to get this bolt out. Yes I do have air tools.

You guys have been a major help and I appreciate it very much. This is my first alfa project obviously, but these cars seem rather addicting. Wish there was an easy way to turbo this motor. The twinspark conversion is not really the route I would like to take. I'm off to place an order with IAP
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