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thought i'd post this here.

FIAT 124 spyder

1980/81 - titled 81 but badges say 1980 (anniversary yr 1930-1980)
VERY rare FIAT to find. calif survivor. two fairly anal owners. mechanically
a gem. cosmetically pretty nice. one respray (top paint a bit oxidized but would buff out pretty nice , a few small chips). seat bottoms ripped but rest of interior nice. newer top.

only 1000 of these models produced . this is # 388.

these models all came the same colors - gold metallic with light tan(cream) interior, tan top. LEATHER seats. special 14" alloys (this model only - VERY hard to find. wheels worth good $ alone & in VERY nice cond.). serial # badged. electric windows.

in calif it's whole life ,well taken care off. never any accidents , no rust.

at 26-27 yrs old i believe it can be expoerted to europe easily. there is should be worth much more.

anywhere it's an usual , nice , extremely hard to find italian roadster.
in Northern , Calif.

$6500. this car is worth this amount. i do not want to dicker. i want someone to get who will appreciate it and be happy. i will keep it if need be. it will only go up in value. fiats and MG's the only bargain euro sportscars remaining in the world

email me for more pics if this car interests you.

update 8/08: I see this post is still here , obviuosly this guy was not very interested as he never emailed me (i do not look at this post or website)

cars still in storage & availibale to any interested party - just don't use. (will sell for $6000 )


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