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low mileage spider on ebay

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sure does look very nice!
Sure does - original tires though from 1993. I can't imaginge they're any good - aside from the mileage.
Be careful what you lust for.

I purchase a similiar car, 93 with 12.5k.
All original, all paperwork, tires, everything.
If I listed my car I could reuse this add, unedited.

Everything that is made of rubber was gone, shot, kaput.

The tires, brake lines, caliper boots, rusted rotors and master cyl, clutch slave and line, engine mounts, trans mount , rear crank seal, exhaust muffler, fuel filter, fuel tank contents, cowl drains, door weatherstripping, all fluids, needed to be replaced and the air conditioning worked flawlessly for two days before all the freon leaked out.

I've sorted it all out and I'm happy now.
I honestly thought I was buying a new car.
Silly me.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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