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Loud Squeal at engine shut down

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On my '74 spider, everytime the engine shuts off, including starting attempts when it doesn't start, I get a loud squeek. I thought that my timing chain was so loose that it was hitting metal when it slacks up, so I used the exterior bolt to allow the tensioning spring to take up the slack, but this didn't help. This still might be the problem and the tensioning spring is just ineffective but, before I went in to tighten this by hand, I wanted to see if anyone had other ideas. The fan belt is sufficiently tight and doesn't seem to be slipping. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Paul.
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It was the small metal fan on the alternator that was loose, spinning freely and wobly.
Paul.... So... tightening the pulley/fan nut fixed it or was it stripped or?
I added a washer for spacing between the pulley and the fan and tightened the nut and it was all snug again. It was also missing the little "key" for the pulley so I added that. Used some locktite on the nut. Put it back on the car and everything seems good.
I added a washer for spacing between the pulley and the fan
No concern for that spacer creating an offset to the pulley so it no longer runs true to the crank and water pump pullies?
it should wear the outer edge of the belt and so if your observant you should see the belt going bad-----
Thanks for the thoughts. It looks true, but it's hard to judge a sixteenth of an inch. And the pulley is actually in the same place it was, it's just that there is now a washer in the gap where before there was nothing but gap.
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