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Lost and confussed

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I was working on my 1991 spider veloce today cleaning the engine. I noticed that my engine identification number as 01588 001592. I am wondering if this is the right engine for my baby. How do I know whay year this engine is?

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email [email protected] with the engine and chassis IDs and they should be able to tell you about the car.
Alfa didn't match serial numbers on engine/chassis like the old Detroit iron. As long as it's a Motronic engine ('90-'94 Spiders) then it's the "right" engine for your '91.

There's simple ways to tell under the hood if you have a Motronic or L-Jetronic, but the easiest way is to see if the check engine light turns on when you start the car and then off a few seconds later. Then it's Motronic.

It's probably unlikely someone swapped in an earlier engine.
Other methods include:

Idle bypass device, present on Motronic, not on L-jet

AAV, present on L-jet, not on Motronic

AFM with oval shaped hole near where rubber intake tube connects is Motronic. AFM with round or capped round hole near where rubber intake tube connects is L-Jet

Two sensors on bellhousing near starter motor is L-jet, one crank position sensor on front crank pulley is Motronic

And the not always an indicator as people swap parts:

Finned cam cover with block lettering at the front is found on Motronic while the smooth cover with script lettering on the left side is found on L-jet. (both covers have cast in recesses and studs for intake tubes and other bolt on sundries)

Dual electric fans is Motronic, 1 waterpump fan L-Jet
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AR01588 is the correct engine type for the S4 Spiders (91-94). Judging from the low sequence number of the engine, it is likely that your car was produced in 1990 (check the plate attahced to the driver's side by the door latch on the body side) but recognized as a M.Y. 91, just like mine (April 1990 man. in my case).
Thank you all for the help. I do have the correct engine, I also contacted the PO and he informed me that he had replaced the transmission. He believes it was an 89 or 90 transmission. I guess I will figure it out when I pull the transmission. Need to rebuild the trans. It is getting harder to go into second gear, even double clutching. I do want to thank you all again. You are all a wealth of information. Hopefully soon, I will be able to help others more with their questions too.

Need to rebuild the trans. It is getting harder to go into second gear, even double clutching.
What lube is in the gearbox? Some swear by Shell Spirax. It can be hard to find but I believe IAP sells it. A few quarts and an oil change would be cheaper than a transmission rebuild...
I agree on the trans oil, my 74 had something (probably wrong kind) in it and shifted awful. shell spirax works fine.
The easiest way to identify a motronic car is the cooling fan and radiator. If the fan bolts to the pump you have an L jet car. If the radiator had side tanks you have a motronic car.
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