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Lost a front wheel bearing what now?

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Lost a whel bearing this morning (front right side) Lucky i was only 1 mile out, so i limped it back home.

Removed the wheel, Caliper, grease cap, locking pin, lock nut and bearing backing plate. (forgive me if i am not using the right terms, english is only my 2nd language)

Got the outer wheel bearing which is totally demolished (see photo) I am now stuck, unsure how to preceed to remove the rest. First time i am messing around down there, only had the car for a few months.

So.. how to i remove that broken bearing and the hub? Do i use force to press out the hub? Do i need special tools? any help would be greatly appreciated, also if anyone would have a partnumber for the bearing, perhaps a standard number? (i assume the bearings can be bought non-original)



NM, think i got it sorted. Will definitely need my press (whch of course I lend to a friend a few weeks ago)


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it's easy... you allready have the large nut off, so just slip the hub off,, let the bearing parts fall out, turn the hub over, and use a long punch, drift the outer race out,, should come out easy..but i would do this.. replace all the front wheel bearings on both front wheelsto get the inner bearing off.. well agian just pull the hub off the spidle, pull the seal off and reac in with your finger and just remove the bearing,, and just like the outside bearing, filp the hub over and just drift the inner race out with punch...get new bearings ( oh yes... remove all the old grease out of the hub,,nice and clean here)repack the humb with good bearing grease, the pack the bearings with instale the outer races.. agian with a punch, just work slowly and carefully anround the race to get it in evenly..insatle the bearings washer and nut, and tighten the nut to it is snug and the wheel is ahrd to turn , then bacjk it off a little, then pun in cotter are done.....even a bettter way to get prelaod on the bearings if you want...take out the centre cap of your wheels instale wheel , and tightenthe nut so the wheel turns nice and smooth with no binding..:)
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It's definitely stuck..not possible to pull it off. Been hammering away best i could on the disc and hub..I am guessing the outer bearing was heated up after the failure and bonded to the axle.
if the wheel/hub still turns, it probly is not ' welded' on, just really stuck.... from you photo you posted you can see some of the bearings, try to pull a few out with some plyers.. then to remove the hub, try useing a hub puller that is for a front drive car, that might work.
the outer bearing is really stuck to the axle! didnt work.. this is really annoying! any clever tricks to getting that bearing out?
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