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lose screw on top latch

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Put the top up after driving the day with the top down. the right top latch has a loose screw. I tried to tighten it down, but it would not tighten. is there a way to fix a top latch with a lose screw without having to replace the front skirt (I don't know the name of the part) that the latch is screwed to?


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I have the same problem. Do a search for helicoil. I had a thread that addressed this problem. I ended up putting some silicone sealant on the screw to keep it in the hole as a temporary fix but there were some other suggestions in this thread.

I think that there is a steel plate with threaded holes that can slide around behind the outer surface. Make sure that the threaded hole is aligned with the screw.
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A slightly larger self-tapping screw might do it.

Search for the 'tapping plate' (the threaded metal piece inside the header) as Ed suggests. Loosen (but don't remove) the other screw and peek inside the screw hole to see if you can find the tapping plate. An awl is useful for reaching in the screw hole to get the tapping plate to move into position.
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