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So my 86 spider graduate has been overheating very rapidly and I have opened the hood and seen coolant all over the place. I figured there wad a leak in a hose that was getting onto the belts or fan. I haven't been able to locate the leak until just recently and it seems like it is leaking right out of the water pump.

First question, could it just be a busted gasket?

2: if I have to get a new water pump, is the veloce water pump interchangeable with the graduate?

3: any general advice? Like where I can find a quality low price for these parts

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Like where I can find a quality low price for these parts
Those words do not belong in the same sentence when it comes to a water pump. You don't want to do the job again in a year. Spend the money on a good quality part.

Typically they puke out of the seal, not the gasket. So, if money is really tight, you could yank the pump and replace the seal. But, you'll need a press to do it. But really, it's false economy to replace the seal as the bearing will probably fail.
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