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Looking For Upholstery Shop

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Can anyone recommend a good upholstery shop in the DC area (close-in MD suburbs)? I'm doing some interior work on my '66 Super and don't know of any "kits" available to re-cover the seats so figure I need to send these out.

Seats are covered in vinyl, not leather.

Any ideas on what the costs might be (two separate front seats, rear bench seat)?



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Stay away from SureFit...

If you find a place let me know, I have a Scorpion that needs seat covers..

Will do. There are a bunch of shops in the Beltsville, Kensington areas but so far, haven't had any luck with word-of-mouth recommendations.
I spoke with Julio of Milano Motors and he said the guy down the block from him does a good job. Especially with Italian cars...

Thanks Ed. That's one of the shops I was thinking about. If Julio says they are good, that's pretty strong.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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