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As I strip my 99.7% rust free 1974 GTV down for paint, I found the expected rust around the front window (caused by the trim chaffing on the metal). The area includes about 1/2 of the driver A-pillar and about 40% of the lower lateral section.

I looked but didn't find anyone making a replacement panel for this area.

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy repair metal for this area? Or does the shop have to hand make new sheet metal?

Also, there was one very small 2nd area around one of the screws that holds the sill trim to the rocker. It was rusted thru in about a 1/2" area. The silver lining is that I could see into the rocker cavity and confirm there's actually no rust in the rocker structure itself. I think when I put it all back together, I'll use a sealant to hold the sill trim on, and glue in fake screw heads.
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