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looking for old alfa rims

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- wheels

i am looking for:


WH003 1600 / EARLY 1750 HUBCAP

does anyone know of a site that i can order them? preferable in the USA?

i would purchase it from classicalfa but their shipping rate is pretty high.
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can anyone help?
Are you talking about the stock 1750 hubcaps? I have an extra set. They are a little dented and dinged, but they shine nicely. They would work for a daily driver I think, a show car, no.

I have one rim that I believe is from a 1600 sprint. it is 15" and has the riveted hubcap clips. it would need to be blasted and painted but is in decent shape. Came with my duetto. I'd trade it outright for a correct 15" duetto rim.
did you ask joe .... alfa import ?
no i will - thanks.
i am basically just looking to collect them so they wont be going on any vehicles.
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