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Hi All,

This car was new to Nanni Galli. In 1982 the Italian registration was cancelled.
Last owner was a gentleman from Sweden Mr Karl Arne Henriksson.
Trying to find history and more information on the car.

Can anybody help? The info from Allegerita is known.

Want to go racing with her!

Thanks for your input.


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AR613013 was 1600 Stradale car bought privately by Giovanni Galli, inscribed at SCAR Autostrada Firenze, and prepared for racing in Group 2. The car was 154 bhp declared, without sliding block and street going registred with plates FI310788. In Copa Fisa 1966 he finished 2° OA, in 4 Ore Jolly Club a Monza, 7° OA, retired in Coppa Gallenga, Vallelunga 1966 because of accident, 1° OA Coppa della Collina, Pistoia 1966, 1° OA II Pieve st. Stefano, Spino, 1° OA, III Coppa Città di Voltera 1966. Last appearance 1967 Coppa Gallenga a Vallelunga, (no result in archive).

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