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Looking for GTV Altissimo Tail Lights

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Does anyone know where I can get a set of original Altissimo two-piece Euro lenses? I'd even be interested in repro lenses. I can not locate them any where.

Right Lenses
P/N 378.12.88 Amber
P/N 378.12.87 Red
Left Lenses
P/N 378.12.98 Amber
P/N 378.12.97 Red


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tail lights

call italspeed. i saw a whole bunch on their shelf a couple days ago. ask for omar and tell him i sent you. number there is 323-733-4099
Possible score on your lens search. Try and search for part number AR 55 010 010. Can't tell if the top is amber but at $35US, you could get a matching left side as well. You might also try Matt at Re-Originals (713-849-2400) for an original Altissimo but expect to fork over certain parts of your anatomy to get it! I'm placing an order with OKP pretty soon and would be happy to add it to my order if you'd like.
Centerline had the Euro red/amber repro ones in their last flyer:

Pretty price-y at $81 each. You might also try AFRA in Italia. They will prolly be the most expensive, but they might be able to get you NOS.

them two piece red ones are tough, i can just imagine finding a euro one.
Thanks guys for all the input. Finding these lenses, either Altissimo, or repro looks to be quite a task. Omar didn't have any but he said he'd check in Italy. Neither Centerline or OKP carry them. I'll have to check out next.

In the meantime, I took the plastic carello bases from the red GTV and put on some repro lenses. Doesn't too look bad, and I shaved off a few pounds. Some day I'd like to go back to original.

Thanks for the help!

P.S. for some reason I always wind up taking pictures near dark.


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Unfortunately they're only offering one lense and it looks like it's a single piece. My Altissimo's are in two pieces.

I tried a fit a set of Carello single piece lenses (without the plastic chrome) like the one in the auction. I could not believe it when the screw holes didn't line up!

Thanks Jim, I really appreciate it!


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