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I think the stock Spica filters on the car should
be ok for Bosch. The stock Spica setup had a filter
under the car before the fuel pump, and one in
the engine bay on the passenger side under the
intake. The engine bay filter I think is a Fispa?
It has a replaceable element in a plastic body.
The filter under the car is a cartrige throw
away type.

While I hate replacing the one under the car, since
there is no good way to stop the fuel from leaking
all over you while you rush to do it. I would keep
it,the reason is that the older vehicles tanks
can rust, and clog up your pump. I have heard of
people having their tanks coated by special shops.

If the tank is coated, I would opt for a spin on filter, in the engine bay.
Good source would be Summit Racing.
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