Hey all, I am posting this for a friend. He has a 78' Spider, the SPICA has begun to run rich and leak gas into the oil.
Due to the very long wait period for Wes and his price increase, we wanted to see if anyone had a proven good SPICA pump or some parts to convert the car to carbs.

For the SPICA, we are looking for a good pump. Possibly one already rebuild that is sitting unused, would be preferred i think. I believe he will also need a TA, he may get a rebuilt through centerline.

For carbs, we would need the manifold and support. I believe he has a pair of webers sitting already, I could be mistaken.
A fuel regulator may also be on his list, tho we may purchase that one new.

We are located south of Atlanta, GA. I am willing to pickup local -semi local pending the drive and availability
He may respond to this thread some as well, he is also on the board but could not post in the wanted section