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Mystery Car Revealed

Ok, here is the scoop on the Italian Abortion...
Front half is a Ferrari 365 (where is the rear half)
Rear half is a Ferrari 250 (where is the front half)
Roof is made removable (hope it doesn't blow off)
Mercedes V8 (where is that nice V12)
Mercedes automatic transmission (automatic Ferrari...blah)
Mercedes independant rear suspension (no thanks)
4 wheel disc brakes with Willwood calipers (
Alfa Spider gauges (wrong car buddy)
MOMO 17" wheels (where did the beautiful Borrani's go)

As for the Dino, Fabrizio, I do remember that summer afternoon when we took it to the body shop. Remember all the cops following us? That sucked, but we still managed to have a mini Targa Florio that day. Hopefully we can have another one when it's done and needs to be brought back to the valley.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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