Hey Fellow Alfistis,

I am (desperatly) looking for a set of new torsion bars, preferably 27 to about 30 max 33mm.
This is because I am currently running my GTV6 on Full PU-Bushings, RSR Anti Sways = 30mm in the front and 26mm in the back, also on Bilstein B6s and lowered a lot in the front (about 8cm/ 3.1 inches from the floor to the exhaust flex-pipes)

I just recently drove it a few meters for the first time and it is a really harsh ride (which is not bad, I am aiming for a VERY performance oriented street setup). But I read a lot on the gtv6 specific forum that people have had instances where hard driving caused cracks on the sway bar mounts
if the sway bars were too strong in relation to the damping (torsion bars).

I am willing to pay a better price than there is available online - because unluckily most vendors are from the USA (Performatek, Centerline) I don't think that ordering them from there is the most elegant way. The british guys (CSR) want about €1000,-- which is WAY too much in my honest opinion.
It would therefore be an advantage if maybe some european folks read this post and have some torsion bars around.

NOTE: Sorry I forgot to specify, My GTV6 is from 1985 and has the underbody of the Alfa 75. Therefore I would need the late Type of Torsion Bars which are a bit shorter (because they are directly connected with the chassis instead of a crossmember.)

Thanks for reading & all the best,