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Greetings fellow Alfisti,

Some of you may recognize me from the GT, Giulietta & Giulia, and 1900, 2000 and 2600 sections of AlfaBB.

I'm an experienced restorer of both Alfas as well as many other cars and motorcycles, but Alfas are my passion.

A couple years ago I completed a 5 year restoration of my beloved 66 Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, following a horrific accident that occurred at AlfaCalifornia2013.

Here she is after the restoration.

IMG_9670 (1) by tjveloce, on Flickr

I'm now in year 9 of what I hope will be my magnum opus, the restoration of my 1957 1900C SS. You can read about some of the progress I've been making here.

Here is some information on the car and model itself.

My reasons for posting in this section of the forum is that with regard to the 1900, there are very few people who have much knowledge of these cars, and those that actually own them tend not to be the restorers of them. Knowledge about them is hard to come by and even some of the world's acknowledged experts admit they don't know.

Some of my questions regarding restoration techniques and "best practices" are not exactly model specific, and so I'm reaching out here in the hopes that a broader audience may be able to share some information.

I should state that my goal with regard to this build is to achieve a finish as close to what the car had when she left Carrozzeria Touring's shop in January of 1957, all with the goal of have the car accepted at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, perhaps in 2021.

Right now my focus is on the following;

-cosmetic restoration and assembly of the engine and gearbox

-cosmetic restoration of the brake lines

-cosmetic restoration and assembly of the suspension components

The engine has been overhauled with all new components and I have checked tolerances on the critical areas. It's currently sitting in a test/paint/assembly stand that I fabricated awaiting paint.

IMG_5526 by tjveloce, on Flickr

The 1900 engine was almost entirely painted matte black, and so I'm looking for paint for this job. Eastwood and others sell POR-15 in black and their website indicates that the paint can be brushed on, which I find surprising. If that's possible it would be a good thing because masking the engine block would be a lot of work, and if brushing is a viable option, it would make life easier.

Note that I never want to take a course of action just because it's easier. If the final result does not look "period appropriate" I do not want to do it. Some of this will require interpolation as these cars, despite their exterior elegance, were rather crude in some areas, and Touring did not have the access to the same kinds of equipment that Alfa Romeo enjoyed.

Once the block is painted matte black, I need a solution for "crinkle" black on the cylinder head, which I expect I'll need to shoot with a gun, and again, Eastwood and others have products for this. I'm curious who has experience with these products.

That's it for now, I am grateful for any thoughts, experienced based opinions, or general encouragement you may offer.

-tj in the Cruz Mtns
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