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S3 Spiders did not have a pressure switch.

The 1990 Series 3.5 and 91-94 series 4 spiders have A/c trinary pressure switch on receiver dryer according to shop manuals but 86 manual does not show one for series 3.

I thought my friends 88 Quad has it but I maybe mistaken. Car not near me now to check on it.

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whats the difference between a series 3 and 3.5, I have a 1990 spider velocie and im looking for ac pressure switch ?
series 3.5 (MY1990 in the USA) is basically the motronic injected engine from the S4 (less power steering) in a S3 body.

the trinary (pressure) switch is mounted on the receiver/dryer

numbers #7 & #8 in this page from the parts book:


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