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Loaner Tool - Idle Stop and Full-Throttle Stop Screw Tool

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I just made a copy of Alfa Tool A.4.0121, the Idle Stop and Full Throttle Stop Adjustment Tool. I have an original and the one I made, while not elegant, is calibrated from the original and should produce identical results. See picture below of comparison of the original and my home-made copy.

I am making it available as a loaner to Spica owners out there would would like to check the calibration of their stop screws.

There is, in the spirit of the BB, no charge to borrow the tool. However, if you borrow it, I ask that you use it promptly, then return it, or mail it on to the next borrower. Checking the stop screws is quick and easy and is one of the first items of a Spica tune-up. Once set, they should not change, so a one-time check-set should last indefinitely. Unfortunately, if your Alfa suffers from stupid PO syndrome, it's possible that the knucklehead tried to adjust the idle speed with the stop screw.

I'll spring for the postage out and the borrower back to me or to the next borrower. All requests please go through me via PM.


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Thanks John! Wouldn't it be nice to start a lending library of these special tools. I am shocked at what they are going for on Ebay (on the rare occasion that they do show up). I have nothing to contribute except a few home-brew tools that I have made.
borrow the loaner tool

I am in need of borrowing the tool. What is the process? Help!

Jeff @ Euro Tech of Holland
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