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On old vintage bikes it's a fairly common practice to buy a plastic replica battery old shell and put a modern Lithium battery inside of it.
Something like this:
Our Batteries | Antigravity Batteries

I have these batteries on a couple of my bikes and they are great. Without a parasitic drain you can let them go many months without charging.

Why isn't this done with classic cars? My GTV has no parasitic drain... so it seems like this would work great. Am I missing something?

I should say, I've seen the "Tar Topper" cover and a case that hides a 6V Optima. But I've never seen a 12V hollow classic battery case. Do these exist?

I'd love to find a case like this and put a Lithium battery in it:

That battery is from here for $310 plus shipping and decals. Ferrari Group 27 Magnet Marelli Battery - Restoration Battery
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