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Liquidating 1982 Spider Doors, wheels, electrical, HOUSTON, TX

This list has been edited. Right now... because of work, travel and other things going on, I cannot ship anything out till further notice. So everything will have to be local pickup. The motor, rear end, wheels, doors and other parts have sold within the last 2 weeks. I have reduced the prices on many things as I do not want to be sitting on them forever nor want to really fool with eBay unless I have to. The more that is bought, the more savings. I am not trying to get rich off of this stuff, but get something out of it and get some room in my shop. I can also be emailed at [email protected] Thanks!

1) Intake manifold with throttle body, rail and injectors 2 piece $75
2) Bosch Starter $40
3) Bosch alternator $40
4) Wiring harness, no console wiring or taillight. Good shape $75
5) 85mph Speedo $20
6) Jack $20
7) Armrest passenger $5
8) Door panel map pockets $10 each
9) Upper exhaust piece $20
10) Trunk release panel (tan color) with cable $30
11) Air cleaner filter housing/box not mass air or hoses $30
12) Gas lid/metal - $10
13) Stock Radiator w/ shroud $40
14) Many switches, trim, knobs, handles, emblems, head rests, etc… too much to list.

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I recently sold my 1985 Spider and I have many parts. At this time, I would like to find a local buyer that would be interesting in buying everything in a bundled deal. The more that is bought the more saved. I need the space for Mercedes parts and I don't want to sit on this stuff forever. I cannot ship out large items like the motor, rearend, and doors. I might can ship out the smaller items. I am not looking to get rich off of this stuff, but get something out it. I will entertain offers on the whole thing. I am located just outside of Houston. Good news I didn't flood. Here is my list of items. I can provide more pictures if requested. I will try to answer any questions the best I can. Send me private message for any requests. Thanks, Paul

1) 2.0 liter motor (complete no manifolds) $500
2) Drivers door with glass and trim $60
3) Passenger door with glass and trim $60
4) Complete differential with rear rotors/brakes $150
5) Complete wiring harness with fuel injection manifold/ECU airbox $300 Whole Bosch unit
6) Bosch Starter $50
7) Bosch alternator $50
8) Tachometer $25
9) 85mph Speedo $25
10) 5 spoke wheels $100 a piece for 3 not scuffed $75 for scuffed one (will cut deal for whole set)
11) Shift knob (wooden) $30
12) Jack $20
13) Armrests $5 each
14) Upper exhaust piece $20
15) Trunk release panel with cable $40
16) Alfa Shamrock keychain $10
17) Exhaust manifold $75
18) Front hubs $20 a piece (SOLD)
19) Driver’s door electric mirror $20
20) Alfa Romeo Owner’s Bible (Book) $10 (SOLD)
21) Many knobs, fasteners, window, windshield chrome pieces, etc… make offer too much to list.
I would like to buy the mirror please email [email protected]
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