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lights going off when starting as like 164?

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My wife's Milano has headlights which have to be turned off separately when stopping the car, rather than going off automatically as with the 164. She would rather the Milano does the same. I successfully changed the circuit to do that, no problem, but now she wants the headlights to go off when the starter is engaged, as also with the 164, to save the battery, although I don't think that is a problem with a good battery, esp since the car starts absolutely immediately when the first sparkplug fires. I hooked up a circuit to do that, intercepting the start position wire coming from the key that energizes the solenoid, the lights successfully going off when the key is turned to the start position, but the relay I'm using evidently doesn't pass enough current to engage the starter solenoid. So... no start.

Has anyone else done this successfully?
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On my 75TS I hooked the relay to the generator so the lights don't come on until the engine starts / a couple of turns of starter. (normally starts on the second compression stroke)
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