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77 Spider tail light issues.

well, its getting too complex to talk about now, so ill explain what happened.

I looked at tail lights.
Everything works minus the stop light on passanger side.
Take off cover and check bulb. No problem.
Remove assembly including plug and grounds.
Nothing appears to be wrong.
Put everything back.
No lights in right tail (one i removed) and no stop light in left tail now.

Take out again.
Clean with contact cleaner.
Try light while not in actual housing.
Everything works on right tail,(grounding on truck latch mechanism in trunk) but left tail still no stop light.
Put assembly back in housing and plug in, attach ground to housing nut like all other lights in car.
No parking lights in either, no stop light in left, no reverse light in right, both turn signal work.

Move ground to license plate bolt.
no change.

Move gound to random inner trunk chasis attachment.
no change.

Could there be a short in the housing itself since all the lights work when its out?

I really wanted to drive my car down to my friends tonight, but i don't want to get pulled over.

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